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Highways Agency adopt micro GT

Fri, Jun, 22nd, 2012

Rob Sims of Findlay Irvine recently supplied The Highways Agency and TRL UK with the new micro GripTester, which they have recently adopted an innovative approach to measuring skid resistance with the micro GripTester push operated friction measuring device. Bobby Meitei, Highway Engineer (TRL), says as part of the...  

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MicroGT Interest in Brazil

Wed, Apr, 25th, 2012

Sales Development Manager Rob Sims has recently been in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, attending the 3rd seminar of the Brazilian Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, where he was invited to speak and present the microGT alongside the CAA and the HCA from the UK. The microGT created a great deal of interest amongst...  

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Press Release Section: Highways

A to Z of Friction Testing

Sat, Aug, 9th, 2014

The summer months are upon us now and as the weather warms up, rain subsides and resurfacing is in full swing survey vehicles all across the country are out collect data on Skid Resistance on local authority and trunk roads.  With ever decreasing budgets and litigation rising, protecting yourself and better use of...

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Press Release Section: Airport

Advanced Weather Monitoring Systems that Help Cut Costs

Fri, Jul, 25th, 2014

Extreme winter weather can cost Airport Operators large amounts of money dealing with the pressures but so can mild winters such as this previous year.  The mild, marginal nights open Operations Managers up to huge pressures on when it comes to a decision on whether to roll the dice a treat the runway for ice or save...

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Press Release Section: Rail

International Rail Operators adopting Condition Monitoring as Best Practise

Thu, Jul, 24th, 2014

Condition monitoring of signalling assets and track conditions is becoming increasingly important to rail operators around the world as the need to maximise the whole life cost of assets becomes ever more significant in times of austerity and limited resources.  Not only this but such systems, once installed can offer...

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