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Highways Agency adopt micro GT

Fri, Jun, 22nd, 2012

Rob Sims of Findlay Irvine recently supplied The Highways Agency and TRL UK with the new micro GripTester, which they have recently adopted an innovative approach to measuring skid resistance with the micro GripTester push operated friction measuring device. Bobby Meitei, Highway Engineer (TRL), says as part of the Transport For London (TFL) funded project entitled “Reducing Congestion in the Road Network Plating, Temporary Backfill and Fast Cure Technologies” TRL has seen the need to utilise the Findlay Irvine micro GripTester to measure the skid resistance of various plating products normally coated with different material to provide adequate skid resistance.

The Findlay Irvine micro GripTester was selected due to its speed of operation, and ability to quickly and accurately measure skid resistance over a continuous length. The results will then be used to fully assess the suitability of these plating products for covering excavations in the carriageway.


Having been first introduced to the market almost two years ago, Findlay Irvine’s micro GripTester has been promoted as a faster, more efficient indicator of surface friction levels than the traditional British Pendulum test, as micro GripTester can measure the full length of a surface rather than just being a spot test. With modern features such as controlled water delivery, built in GPS and easy to use software, it is being used to test all manner of surfaces, paints, metal works and materials. It was partly these properties that prompted the Highways Agency to purchase a micro GripTester for use, initially, on Area 2. The Highways Agency has recently acquired a micro GripTester for use in Area 2. The unit will be placed in Incident Support Vehicles for use on the trunk road network should a spillage or closure occur. Alan Prime from the Highways Agency said “maintenance of adequate levels of skidding resistance on running surfaces is a highly important aspect of highway maintenance and contributes significantly to our network safety. When the road surface is contaminated as a consequence of vehicle collisions, clear up is achieved through the use of proprietary products available to us. Our experienced teams then have to make a final assessment to determine if the road surface is fit for traffic.”


The lightweight nature of the device and one-person operation makes deploying the microGripTester a simple task and its ability to display instant results provides a full audit trail into the decision making process after an incident – something which, in these times of litigation, offers a layer of protection when borderline decisions have to be made at short notice of whether or not to reopen a closed or affected road.


The Highways Agency’s Alan Prime continued, “The recent addition of a Findlay Irvine micro GripTester helps the team make an informed decision, providing a qualitative reading and enabling an accurate prediction to be made of the capability of the cleaned surface. The use of the micro GripTester will enable us to demonstrate that we have achieved satisfactory levels and gone as far as reasonably practicable to safeguard the safety of all users of our network.”


With cut backs ever increasing, the micro GripTester is another useful tool to protect against litigation and as an asset management device for engineers, helping to make best use of limited resources. The devices unique properties are not only helping with incident site investigations, but measuring skid resistance for plating products, lines, markings, footways and any materials where issues persist.