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Press Release: Highways

Emphasis on Skid Resistance Testing as summer approaches 

Fri, Feb, 8th, 2013

As the days start getting longer and winter eases into spring, the change in weather signals a change in priorities for Engineers.  After the panic of the winter weather and the challenges associated with keeping networks, clear safe and moving Engineers and Transportation Professionals now have to begin planning summer maintenance, repairs and surveys. 

For most this began long ago, scheduling in larger projects such as resurfacing works and large infrastructure projects.  However, these projects are restricted by budgets and planned summer works may have to be reduced in these times of financial austerity and ever decreasing budgets.  Deciding how best to appropriate funds as well as being able to justify the priority of works is an increasingly challenging job.

One way to help ensure that budgets is to gather as much data as possible in order to make informed decisions.  Skid Resistance of a surface is a strong performance indicator and can help engineers when prioritising surfacing work that needs to be implemented with the amount of work needed exceeding the funds available.

Findlay Irvine with their unique GripTester offer full network surveys to help engineers make the most informed decisions and best use of limited resources.  The GripTester is a tailor based continuous friction measuring device that has been used on UK roads for more than 20 years and can give repeatable, cost effective results on the Skid resistance of your network.  This information can provide a detailed network overview of the condition of your network highlighting areas of concern that require investigation and potential remedial work.  It may also highlight areas where projects were about to begin that do not necessarily need to be completed immediately allowing for resources to be better appropriated providing a safer network for road users.

Skid Resistance surveys run from May to September in order to ensure the worst conditions for poor Skid resistance is recorded according to the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges HD28.  Although, Findlay Irvine offer accident investigation surveys, one-off surveys and smaller site tests throughout the year, weather dependant.  With the results being fully compatible with most Pavement Management Systems, network Skid Resistance surveys offer engineers that extra information to not only better distribute resources but also to justify those decisions and protect themselves and employers from litigation should the worst happen.