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Press Release: Rail

Condition Monitoring making Tracks across the Globe

Sun, Dec, 14th, 2014

For those in the know, Findlay Irvine Ltd have been creating and developing innovative solutions for complex technical issues for the Rail industry for nearly 30 years.  From beginning by developing carriage heaters to the more modern points heating controllers, Findlay Irvine have been helping solve some of the difficult challenges faced by modern rail network operators.  

In recent years, Findlay Irvine has worked closely with Network Rail in the UK to develop a range of Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) solutions including Diagnostic Data Loggers.  These have now been installed at over 5,000 locations across the UK rail network which can typically monitor anything from point machines to track circuits but can also easily be adapted to handle multiple asset types.

Findlay Irvine’s unique DCU390 Diagnostic Data Loggers has the adaptability to fit in not only with existing RCM solutions but also as part of a full Findlay Irvine RCM solution.  By installing a Remote Condition Monitoring system, this can allow rail operators to take a Condition Based Maintenance approach to monitoring track assets such as point machines and track circuits ensuring failing assets are replaced before failure while delivering significant whole life cost savings as well as improving safety. Such systems have added benefits ranging from improving operations reliability, reducing maintenance cost, improved asset knowledge, and ensuring maintenance consistency to aiding management of maintenance contracts.

After proving their RCM solutions in the UK, Findlay Irvine are now bringing their full range of products to Asia, and the World.  Mike Mustard, Business Development Manager for Rail at Findlay Irvine, commented; “The rail networks throughout the Asia-Pacific region are amongst the largest in the world, and investment in technology is growing rapidly; we believe our products meet the growing demand for remote, wireless sensor technology and data logging equipment – key components in rail modernisation programmes.”

He added; “We have a number of product innovations coming to market over the next few weeks and months, which we look forward to discussing with visitors to our stand.  We are keen to discuss partnership opportunities and we believe Findlay Irvine’s product portfolio will be very attractive to the Systems Integrators and IT companies that service the rail market in the region”

Findlay Irvine will be at Rail Solutions Asia and can be found at Stand; Great Britain.1.