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Press Release: Rail

International Rail Operators adopting Condition Monitoring as Best Practise

Thu, Jul, 24th, 2014

Condition monitoring of signalling assets and track conditions is becoming increasingly important to rail operators around the world as the need to maximise the whole life cost of assets becomes ever more significant in times of austerity and limited resources.  Not only this but such systems, once installed can offer numerous benefits such as improving network reliability and a more efficient maintenance schedule which affords better use of resources and more accurate budgeting.

It is clear, that around the globe more and more rail operators are adopting condition monitoring of signalling assets and track conditions as best practise allowing a movement away from a fix when fail ethos to a more managed schedule of condition based maintenance regimes before failure occurs.  Condition Monitoring systems tend to require a significant amount of refinement after deployment and the initial data has been studied to ascertain a higher level of understanding.  As such, it is important to procure a supplier of such systems with significant experience with these systems.  

Findlay Irvine Ltd is one such supplier of Condition Monitoring Systems who have significant levels of experience providing such systems to the Rail Industry.  Having developed bespoke hardware condition monitoring solutions including advanced data loggers and sensors, Findlay Irvine have the experience and knowledge to offer Condition Monitoring solutions that meet the unique needs of individual rail operators’ networks.  

The Findlay Irvine DCU390 series of data loggers for condition monitoring is of particular interest, in particular for the monitoring of point machines, as these are the most critical assets on the ground and therefore it is critical to monitor their performance.

Having full Network Rail Product Acceptance they have now supplied over 8000 systems to them over the course of the last 4 years.  Now Findlay Irvine are working on a number of track condition sensors in order to aid the understanding of performance and drive the sector forward through innovative solutions.  One such example of innovation is rail temperature monitoring, which can be combined with a locally designed management system that offers opportunities for a local system integrator and a customised suite for the rail operator.  

Mike Mustard, Business Development Manager for Findlay Irvine explains, “We prefer to partner with local system integrator companies around the world.  By sharing our expert knowledge with local system integrator partners we allow them to provide fully customised solutions to the end client.  Each rail operator has different requirements for such systems, for example different existing interface and methods of presenting data.  By working with local system integrator partners we can combine our experience an offer a perfect localised solution that suits the needs of rail operators around the world.”

The importance of local expertise and knowledge to provide the best possible solution to rail operators is something that is not lost on Findlay Irvine.  Condition based maintenance strategies can also have an effect on personnel and staff morale as well through the empowerment of engineering staff to carry out their functions better and take even more pride in their work.