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Press Release: Rail

Remote Condition Monitoring For Signalling

Fri, Aug, 15th, 2014

Findlay Irvine Ltd were one of the key companies instrumental in directly supplying Network Rail Condition Monitoring Data Loggers from the outset as part of their Intelligent Infrastructure project.  Having worked closely with Network Rail in developing the DCU390 Series Data Logger specifically to meet the unique needs of the UK rail network there is now over 5000 of Findlay Irvine’s units monitoring signalling applications across the country.

As the initial Intelligent Infrastructure project is nearing completion, Remote Condition Monitoring is now an essential part of renewals and new projects.  With Findlay Irvine’s unique experience with the technical aspects, the DCU390 is an option worth considering for Signalling Engineers when specifying Data Loggers for their project.  The robust, intuitive design and LCD touch screen allow for ease of installation and initial setup.  An array of innovative sensors and adaptable viewing platforms ensure that Engineers’ can get the best out of their system and extend the whole life cost of the asset. 

As part of this Findlay Irvine have recently joined up with the Rail Alliance, in order to share their expert knowledge, make new contacts and learn from the wealth of experience already within the membership.  They plan to work with the Rail Alliance to improve their visibility with potential Signalling Engineers throughout the UK by actively engaging in events in order to discover new partners and potential customers wishing to utilise the enormous benefits that can be gained from Remote Condition Monitoring.