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Press Release: Airport

Advanced Weather Monitoring Systems that Help Cut Costs

Fri, Jul, 25th, 2014

Extreme winter weather can cost Airport Operators large amounts of money dealing with the pressures but so can mild winters such as this previous year.  The mild, marginal nights open Operations Managers up to huge pressures on when it comes to a decision on whether to roll the dice a treat the runway for ice or save significant sums of money by not and risking a closure or worse an incident.

More and more airports are turning to companies like Findlay Irvine to install an Airport Weather Information System (AWIS) to negate this gamble and offer the security of real-time information on the state of their runway.  An AWIS can provide information such as surface temperature across the whole length of the runway, chemical present, freeze point and atmospherics to aid with decision making, bringing an end to wasting de-icing fluid when it is not necessary.

As the company can be a closed system or relaying the data securely back to a centralised server so that data can be displayed online viewable via any internet enabled device, Airport operators have the ability to make more informed decisions and make them remotely.   One advantage is the ability to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts as actual data can be passed to the airports forecaster in order to improve their models. 

Findlay Irvine are best known for their market leading GripTester MK2 but they have been providing cost effective weather monitoring solutions for over 25 years to a number of European Airports.