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Press Release: Airport

Airport Friction Testing Simplified by Findlay Irvine.

Wed, Sep, 17th, 2014

Findlay Irvine have been producing GripTester for nearly 20 years and now the Edinburgh based company have launched two new innovative products to help Airport Professionals monitor friction, quickly and easily. GripTester Mk2 is currently being used in over 300 airports around the world in major airports from Australia to Alaska to the United Kingdom to China in all climates and conditions.  GripTester Mk2 meets and exceeds all world’s friction tester standards including ICAO, FAA and UK CAA.  As the world’s number one Continuous Friction Measuring Device it’s robust, reliable, repeatable and easy to use system makes it an essential tool for Airport Operations and Maintenance teams. 

The Runway Alignment System (RAS) is a GPS based system that is compatible with the current GripTester Mk2.  The RAS uses a dash mounted display to guide the GripTester operators through their friction survey ensuring surveys are more accurate and simpler to conduct.   

Rob Sims, Director of Sales from Findlay Irvine explains “One of the main issues that Airport Operators have been concerned about has been how to guarantee better accuracy and ensure that drivers were following the same lines when carrying out friction surveys.  The GripTester Mk2 with RAS solves those concerns by using high accuracy GPS to guide the driver throughout the survey whether a full Friction Surveys or just maintenance runs.  It offers full comparability of results as the system takes away the human error factor as well as a need for markings on the runway offering better repeatability.  GripTesting has never been so easy.”

Findlay Irvine has also launched the Helideck micro GripTester for measuring friction on Helicopter landing areas.  This unique friction measuring device guides operators simply through the process indicating friction levels in an easy to read reporting format.  Fully compliant with UK CAA CAP 437 and all Helideck friction testing legislation, it can be used to survey landing areas of any materials giving airport operator’s detailed surface information for maintenance and monitoring purposes, including friction values of markings.