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Press Release: Airport

The 3 Rs of Friction Testing

Sun, Aug, 17th, 2014

This winter make sure your Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment conforms to the 3 Rs, Repeatability, Reproducibility and Reliability.  Findlay Irvine offer a full Annual Maintenance Contract to guarantee the GripTester Mk2 conforms to the 3R’s of friction testing.

GripTester Mk2 is currently being used in over 300 airports around the world in major airports from Australia to Alaska to the United Kingdom to China in all climates and conditions.  GripTester Mk2 meets and exceeds all worlds’ friction tester standards including ICAO, FAA and UK CAA.  As the world’s number one Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment it’s robust and easy to use system makes it an essential tool for Airport Operations and Maintenance teams. 

As winter progresses the condition of runways becomes paramount and the importance of friction testing increases as do the pressures on Operations Teams.  So it is vitally important to ensure that your Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment is fully functional, calibrated and ready at all times.  

Findlay Irvine offers a full Annual Maintenance Contract with GripTester Mk2 guaranteeing that it is always ready.  The Annual Maintenance Contract includes a full Service and Calibration to ensure Repeatability, Reproducibility and Reliability of results.  Therefore GripTester results can be trusted as well as verified.  

Regular servicing will also extend the life of the equipment making it even better value for money but more importantly allows users to trust the friction results and know that any maintenance or decisions made are done so on high quality data.