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 GripTester MK2 

Findlay Irvine have been innovating devices for measuring Skid Resistance for over 30 years and supplying equipment worldwide for use on roads, runways, helidecks and any surfaces where a loss of friction can cause a danger.

GripTester MK2 for Highways

GripTester MK2 is the world’s number one trailer-based continuous friction measuring equipment. Since it's first inception 30 years ago, GripTester is in operation worldwide being used everyday to make the world's airports and highways flow safely, reducing the risk of wet skidding incidents.

GripTester MK2 currently operates in all regions of the world; arctic, equatorial and temperate. The GripTester MK2’s light towbar pull and low centre of gravity ensure safe, stable operation on winter and summer runways. The unique Automatic Water Delivery System (AWS) provides a fully automated controlled delivery of water minimising water usage and safeguarding the accuracy of results.


Roadbase Software

The Roadbase software is designed specifically for use on roads and highways. Designed by and with road Operations in mind, the software quickly and easily allows for the collection of skid resistance data as well as the input of investigatory levels. Roadbase generates easy to read reports as well as giving real time data displays to the operator during surveys. By outputting data in csv format, skid resistance data can be easily viewed.

GripTester MK2 also comes with software to allow for the easy conversion of data in shp files which allows the data to be overlaid onto a map. Data can also be converted into HMDF format for insertion into Pavement Management Systems.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use GripTester MK2’s light weight, robust construction and reliable performance make it the most deployable friction tester in the world.


GripTester MK2 Quick Stats!


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GripTester MK2 at a Glance!

GripTester MK2 is robust, flexible and easy to deploy making it the world’s most popular trailer based Skid Resistance measuring device for roads. It can provide instant friction results helping to keep you network safe and moving.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment

  • Designed for all seasons

  • Computer controlled system

  • Easy to Use, Robust, Reliable

  • Flexible deployment

  • Automatic Water Delivery System

  • Accurate data collection system

  • Full Maintenance & Support Service Offered

  • Sideways Force Co-efficient Correlation

  • Insert Data into PMS or GIS

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