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Findlay Irvine Weather Information Systems for Roads and Airports are specifically designed for decision makers to monitor, control and audit weather data with ease.

Icelert Weather Monitoring Station

Icelert offers a full range or standalone network of weather stations with a plethora of sensors to choose from. Weather stations run on or can be incorporated into an existing bureau allowing personnel to be informed of impending bad weather, up to the minute conditions monitored with graphs and forecasts displayed.


Icelert at a Glance!

The Icelert MK8 Road Weather Information System (RWIS) outstation allows information relating to runway weather to be measured and transmitted to a bureau service and/or master station from where the information may be made available to airport winter maintenance engineers and others.

The outstation can interface to a wide variety of meteorological and road surface sensors. In addition, a number of un-committed analogue and digital inputs are available for additional sensors that may be required for specific applications and for customisation to suit your particular network needs.

The Icelert Mk8 has the ability to interface with a range of different weather sensors from active Road Sensors to Air/RH to Visibility Sensors. The adaptability allows the Icelert Mk8 to be integrated into a customised system in order to provide the weather information that is required.

ICELERT.NET is a full Weather Data Management system which allows users to monitor weather data, disseminate decisions, view forecasts and manage winter maintenance activities on a network. The system can work with any type of weather station and provides the complete winter maintenance solution for network operators.

ICELERT automatically archives all data. All archive data can be accessed from the system allowing reports and evidence to be provided of what happened and when.

A configurable action-recording system is built in, allowing actions to be recorded. All actions are archived. Actions can be broadcast via text message and / or email if required.

The system displays the state of signs and warnings, allowing anyone with access to see the current status.

Warnings can be broadcast via text message / email to numerous 3rd parties and could be used to alert, for example, emergency services of the situation, or local radio stations. These warnings can be broadcast automatically or the user can trigger them manually so someone has to confirm whether they should be sent.

A “situation cleared” can also be configured, which can be broadcast again either automatically or on user request.

A duty roster is included within the application allowing the warning system to select the appropriate staff to be notified

Maintenance & Calibration

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Feel secure in the knowledge that even in the depths of winter a Findlay Irvine expert is never more than a phone call away, no matter what the weather.

All Findlay Irvine technologies are fully supported by our team of Engineers and Developers offering a 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline. Whether that be from pre & mid-winter calibrations, full Maintenance Contracts or bureau changes. Our friendly team are contactable directly to help solve any issue or query quickly and efficiently minimising lost time and putting our customers in direct contact with the experts.

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