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 Rail Earthworks 

Findlay Irvine has developed solutions to provide warning for earthworks failures causing potential danger to traffic.

Earthworks Monitoring

Findlay Irvine has developed solutions to provide early warning of earthworks failures which could cause potential derailments.

All information is available in the control room allowing Civil Engineers to make quick and object decisions about how series an even is and what if any action is required.

Typically watchmen are sent to site to visually monitor the asset if its though there may be a risk. This put the staff at risk not only once they are on site but getting to the site when there is adverse weather increases the risk to staff safety.


Multiple Wireless Sensors

The Findlay Irvine Earthworks system consists of multiple Wireless Tilt Sensors which monitor movement in embankments. As a slip occurs the Wireless Tilt Sensors send a signal to Findlay Irvine’s pioneering, new solar powered Data Logger which activates onsite Day/Night IR Cameras sending all the data and images back to an online Bureau that triggers alarms to inform Engineers of the occurring earth slippage. The system itself is entirely wireless and uses solar and battery power so there is no need for a mains supply. The tilt sensors communicate via radio link to the data logger which then reports the data back to a central server point and the data can be managed from any internet enabled device. The system can be integrated into an existing data management system or can be procured as a complete turnkey solution utilising Findlay Irvine’s Rail Alert data management website.

The Rail Alert website has been specifically designed as an Earthworks data management portals and users can remotely monitor and manage all of your Earthworks sites. The system allows for all types of users to monitor, view and control the system providing a comprehensive early warning system of slippages. Automatic alerts via e-mail can be set up to ensure relevant personnel know as soon as a slippage occurs.

Having information available remotely reduces the need to send staff to site preventing staff having to be put in potentially dangerous circumstances!

Earthworks Up Close

Data Sheets

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